The PlayStation Plus brings you a selection of titles every month to bring you extraordinary experiences on your console. In March, get your controller prepared, the great Final Fantasy VII Remake adventure is waiting for you!

One of the most popular RPGs of recent years, Final Fantasy VII Remake brings the legendary Cloud Strife story back to life on PlayStation 4. Experience Midgard in a new light, accompanied by a dynamic combat system, and bring down the dreaded Shinra company! This exciting quest awaits you until April 1st.

Then come the two shooters of the moment, with first Farpoint. Designed for PlayStation VR helmets, this FPS drops you on a hostile planet filled with warlike aliens. A frenetic experience for thrill seekers! The other shooter is none other than the excellent Remnant : From the Ashes, a creation of the Gunfire Games studio mixing third-person shooter and intense melee fighting.

Finally, let’s finish with Maquette, a production for PlayStation 5 owners who love puzzle games. As its name suggests, this title invites you to solve puzzles within a scale model. To do so, you have to alternate between an overview and a closer view by visiting the model directly. Enough to make your brains work !

By M.Azziouni 08/03/2021

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