Xbox Live Gold: Multiplayer games go Free, no need for a subscription !

  • Microsoft announced that access to the multiplayer mode of some free games, or Free-to-Play, available on Xbox will no longer require an Xbox Live Gold account. Members of the Xbox Insider program will be the first to benefit from this change. They will be quickly followed by the other players. This announcement is certainly linked to the transformation of Xbox Live into Xbox Network.
  • There is Xbox Live Silver, free, and Xbox Live Gold, paying. The latter offers several advantages that are not negligible. First, you can save your games on the cloud (to transfer them from one console to another). Second, subscribers can add games to their libraries every month, similar to Sony’s PlayStation Plus. Finally, the Gold subscription allows access to all multiplayer services.

But this last service may be coming out of the Xbox Live Gold fold. Indeed, Microsoft announced on Twitter the unlocking of network services for some games. They are now available to Gold AND Silver subscribers. These services include access to multiplayer games, the in-game chat service and group search to participate in a game. This unlocking only affects certain Free-to-Play games available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The list of titles has not been communicated by Microsoft.

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