The controller on the new Xbox Series X seems to have a few minor problems with the responsiveness of the controls. Indeed, some users have found that at the touch of a button, nothing happens on the screen. A problem that Microsoft is aware of! which is currently working on a solution. In the meantime, you have to be patient .

It is now a habit. Each time a new console comes on the market, the first months of its existence are marked by more or less widespread and painful technical problems. The one of the day concerns the Xbox Series X (or Series S). More particularly its controller, in fact. It would indeed seem that a part of the users have problems connecting to their pad .

This happens with both the front buttons and the directional cross. Of course, the problem doesn’t always happen, but enough to interfere with your parts. There is indeed something to get angry about .


This lack of responsiveness occurs not only on the Xbox Series X, but also on the Xbox Series S as well as on the PC (the controller is obviously compatible), which reflects a problem coming from the pad itself and not from the console. It should also be noted that not all users are affected. In fact, only a minority of Xbox gamers have raised the concern, but there are enough of them for Microsoft to look into the problem.

It should be noted that a very small proportion of users are affected by an even more annoying concern. It seems that some pads, although connected to the console, are completely inert and no longer respond at all to the player’s requests. There is a simple solution to this problem: press and hold the ON button on the machine to reconnect the controller. It’s annoying, but it works.

Microsoft would have a lot to worry about and will have to find major solutions to satisfy its customers. In the meantime, patience is required. The Redmond firm is currently working to find a solution and if your joystick has malfunctions, you will have to contact support to send it to the after-sales service.

By M.Azziouni 09/03/2021

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